Q. Do we need SPECIAL CAPTCHA services to use SERLISTS?

A. The Blue List only needs GSA-CB. We strongly believe in making our lists usable by ALL users.

Bottom Line: You make Massive Verified Links. NO ROADBLOCKS OR ADDITIONAL EXPENSES for our core users.

The Red List is for ADVANCED users – ones who need larger lists due to their business needs.

Once again you will only need GSA-CB to solve all the captchas in the Red List.

This list will obviously give advanced users a MASSIVE edge with links that aren’t available on regular lists.

Important: We made an important change here effective July 15, 2014. Due to the terrible solve rates on OCR/Recaptcha targets, we have temporarily discontinued OCR targets on the Red List until the OCR solving services are able to improve their solve rates.


Q. Will these lists rock my world? Is your list better than the other providers?

A. All I can say is you better strap on a diaper. The difference between using SER straight out of the box vs. using high quality lists is BREATH TAKING.

The other providers are our friends. We have nothing but nice things to say about them. But business is business.

We did not collaborate servers on two continents to produce just a ‘nice competitive list’.



Q. Why are your lists so large?

A. “Go Big Or Go Home” is what they say in the weight room. We’re going big.

Our Blue Lists are guaranteed to be a LOT MORE than 50,000 targets each month.

Our Red Lists are guaranteed to be a LOT MORE than 90,000 targets each month.

We are playing to win. How about you?


Q. So is this a MONTHLY service?

A. HECK NO. We will have lists like these EVERY TWO WEEKS.


Q. Are these lists UNIQUE? Are they FRESH?

A. You are getting the absolute best UNIQUE links straight off of our processing servers.

NO EDITING OF GOOD LINKS – you get everything.

NO DELAYS in creating these lists – guaranteed fresh!

We are very focused on UNIQUE CONTEXTUAL DOMAINS. They are the absolute hardest to find.

This is what will help you rank. Each list is unique from all the others we provide.

Always Unique. Always Fresh. Always the Best Links.


Q. What about High PR domains?


All you need to do is set PR on those special projects. SER + SERLISTS will do the rest.


Q. Do you allow REFUNDS?

A. ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is our research where you gain access to our digital intellectual property. Once you have our list in your possession, you have already used our product.

We will not bow down to SCAMMERS. And neither does PayPal.

Furthermore, we operate with 100% integrity. We help everyone on the forum. IMAGINE HOW WE TREAT OUR CUSTOMERS !!!

Not only do you get the best lists on the market – you get 4 very bright SEO’s who can help you even more – JUST BY BEING OUR CUSTOMER.


Q. Why did you guys join forces?

A. They were hand-picked by me (Ron) – and I am very proud of that fact.

I believe very strongly that Gooner, Satans_Apprentice and 2Take2 are among the finest SEO’s I ever had the opportunity to work with – and their personal integrity was beyond reproach. THAT MATTERS TO ME.

35+ years of SEO experience between us. We all have significant corporate clients. And…FOUR sharp guys can solve problems much faster than ONE man. It was a no-brainer.

I wish you guys could see our meetings where we fight over QUALITY and how we can OVERDELIVER to our customers. IT MEANS A LOT TO US.


Q. Are there any SPECIAL SETTINGS?

A. Yes. That is if you want to blow the doors off SER, then do what we do.

These are the EXACT SAME SETTINGS WE USE for our clients and personal websites.

This is yet another area where we will ADD VALUE to our customers.

Our customers will learn how to USE SER WITH STAGGERING RESULTS.

But the ONLY WAY TO GET THESE SETTINGS is to BUY our lists.

If you are not a buyer, make sure you SUBSCRIBE to ADVANCED SER TIPS.

You will still get killer information on how to use SER PROPERLY!


Q. How should we IMPORT these lists?

A. We tell you exactly how to import our lists THE CORRECT WAY TO OBTAIN MASSIVE VERIFIED LINKS.

Our lists come in the .SL (sitelist) format together with specific instructions on importing.


Q. What is that sign up for ADVANCED SER TIPS on your website?

A. Please take the time on our website – SERLISTS.COM – to sign-up for ADVANCED SER TIPS.

You will be BLOWN AWAY with what we cover in each issue. Very high quality information on how to use SER properly.

This is FREE. You don’t even have to be a buyer!


Q. Will I get the same results that you get with SERLISTS?

A. Everybody’s set-up is different. The speed and amount of links you build depend on:

– # of projects
– # of links you set for each project
– # of emails you have in each project (important)
– # of filters you use like PR and OBL which restricts linkbuilding
– Amount of RAM you have
– Speed of internet connection
– Dozens of other variables

Do you think a user with 10 projects making 3 links per day on T1 – will have the same LPM or verified links – compared to a user with 150 projects with high link limits? No way!

What I will GUARANTEE is that once you do things OUR WAY WITH OUR LISTS – you will blow away your typical average day! YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK.

You will suddenly find it DESIRABLE TO ADD MORE TIERS TO YOUR PROJECTS just to properly ‘utilize all the linkjuice’ we give you in every list.